Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fred Phelps: Profile of an American Hero

Members of the WBC spreading God's message, some better than others. (Image)
There are few people in this world we can truly call heroes.  Often times we hyperbolize when describing those around us that we feel deserve high recognition.  The single mothers working long hours only to have to come home and raise their children.  The men and women that put themselves in danger for the safety of others.  With these people and others, we have a tendency to give credit where we think it is rightfully due.  However, in doing so, we are forgetting just how ordinary these people are, and how many around the country and around the world could fit into these same categories.  If we keep placing so many high up on a pedestal for their bland, oft-repeated, endeavors, will anyone be left below to admire them and give the adoration that is due?

A true hero is one who takes the road less traveled, who stands up for what's right, even when it is unpopular, and who warns others of their destructive ways, even when it means it might make heaven a little more crowded than it otherwise would be.  By this indisputable definition, and through his determination and consistency, for a shining example of a true American hero, no must look no further than Fred Phelps.