Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Lost Blogs: The Rohrabachian Theory of Solutions

I'm a busy man.  Between a full-time job as an environmental scientist, a multitude of hobbies, and a proclivity for laziness, I often start things, but, for the reasons listed above, don't finish them.  As a result, many posts I begin writing go uncompleted for long periods of time.  Other posts just plain suck.  For those things that I eventually do get around to completing or fixing, but may be a bit behind the current events to which they mock or critique, I have created an arbitrary category under which they will be published: The Lost Blogs.  The Lost Blogs will be Christmas in July, a traffic jam when you're already late, and science in Kansas.  Enjoy.

Began writing: 5/25/11
Finished writing: 6/25/11

Rohrabacher cringes at the idea of comprehending science (Image).

California State Representative Dana Rohrabacher made waves last Wednesday during a House subcommittee hearing when he made questionable inquiries regarding the role of rainforests in climate change.
When questioning Tony Stern, a top U.S. climate diplomat, Rohrabacher pushed Stern to think outside the box when considering possible courses of action regarding natural greenhouse gas emissions.  While cartographers have not yet made a final decision, experts theorize that the boundaries of "the box" coincidentally match the boundary between basic scientific understanding and fuzzy, irrational thought.