Friday, February 3, 2012

Haiku the News 1/28 - 2/3

Links provided for those who don't think they can get the whole story in only 17 syllables (...this is why the Japanese are better than us).

White Guilt History Month Weather Report

Phil predicts six more
winter weeks, runs from shadow.
Shadows are Black.  Racist.

Don't Retire From Life Before the General Election

Mitt wins Florida,
Most voters might die before
he's nominated...

What If They Build a Fence in Space to Keep Us Out?

Newt wants base on Moon,
Hopes Man in Moon is okay
with immigration.

South American Iceburglar

Man arrested for
stealing glacier. Cops said ice
was a bit Chile.

If We Cut Funding, The Terrorists Win

Komen threatened to
cut Planned Parenthood funds....What?
....But what about boobs?

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