Thursday, November 21, 2013

11 Ways to Make The Perfect Buzzfeed List

1.) Exploit Feelings of Nostalgia

Fun fact: William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, is 86 years old.  Also, you're 15 years removed from the days where you spent the afternoon watching Cory and Topanga make you believe in true love, and you now fill your days working long hours to pay off your crippling student loan debt while trying not to look in the mirror or acknowledge that the easy, carefree times in your life are a distant, cruel, taunting memory...

2.) Exploit Feelings of Insecurity

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Ugly, Sagging Arm Jowls

3.) Base A Specific Point Exclusively Off A GIF You Want To Use, Regardless Of Whether Or Not It Makes Sense With The Rest Of The List


4.) Pander To A Tiny, Specific Audience That Never Thought It Would Ever Receive Any Recognition Or Attention Whatsoever, Thereby Guaranteeing That Your List Will Go Viral Within Their Tiny, Previously Invisible Community

16 Things That Would Only Happen To You If You Were A Blue-Eyed, African-American Enrolled In Higher Education In Wyoming

I mean, it's actually a picture of James Earl Jones...but the point stands.
5.) Pretty Much Make A List That Makes No Logical Sense, Thereby Illustrating The Wonderful Simplicity Of The Internet And The Downfall Of Intellectualism All At The Same Time

9 Rock Climbing Pictures Photobombed By James Franco

6.) When In Doubt, Literally Just Make A List About Adorable Animals

14 Baby Monkeys That Want To Use Your Index Finger As A Mortar Launcher

He's like a fuzzy little Mulan about to avalance some Huns.

7.) Make Several Points That Are Suspiciously Similar In An Attempt To Make Your List Appear Longer And More Creative

Seriously, They're Organized, They're Ruthless, And They're Mind-Wrinklingly Adorable
  8.) Piggyback On The Current Popularity Of Internet Fads
∞ Reasons Why Ron Swanson Is Better Than You

9.) Inappropriately Juxtapose Important, Complex Situations Against Pictures Of Cat GIFs

The Botched Rollout of As Explained By Tired Cats

"I'm so politically frustrated right meow..."

10.) Base An Entire List On A Pointless Observation

33 Photos Proving That Robert Pattinson Has Enormous Eyebrows
robert pattinson eyebrow raise gif 

They're like two wooly caterpillars trying to protect his eyes from Kristen Stewart.

11.) This Guy

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