My Thought Pedestal

Peering down from atop my self-appointed thought pedestal, I am able to see the world that surrounds us in a unique light.  By unique light, I of course mean a light with superior wattage and energy efficiency to whichever light you are currently using to see the world.  Luckily, I am willing to share what I see using this light with all of you.

My light is natural, but not overpowering, with just a dash of UV radiation to stimulate Vitamin D production in my readers.  It is not incandescent, as to minimize blackbody radiation, but it does not take forever to turn on in your cold basement like those damn compact fluorescents.  Some people say the source of my light is the result of the Sun reflecting of my impossibly pale Irish skin.  But those people are bigots.  No, my light is something much more special than that.  It is a light that shines on all things.  A light that so far makes me sound like God.

I'm not God, however; I'm merely a man.  I'm a man with an eye for stupidity, and an appreciation for satire and wit.  My pedestal, is the throne upon which I sit so that I can remark on remarkable idiocy, sift through bullshit, and share my important thoughts in a way that in no way sounds arrogant or egotistical.

This blog is the outlet for my angered world view and my creative literary expression, both sarcastic and, on occasion, legitimate and serious.  It gets lonely up here on my pedestal.  Sharing my thoughts with you, Dear Reader, is like a warm hug on a winter day.  It takes the chill off this cold, raw, unforgiving world by letting me put forth in words my cold, raw, unforgiving thoughts.

I hope you enjoy my illuminating insight, Reader.  I know I will.

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